How To Instantly Become a Six Figure a Year Coach ...without leaving your job or risking anything
in just 14 Weeks!
No matter where you live or where you are in your life right now, you can become a Coach, help others and earn a good living.

Here's why people turn to Coaching:
For Employed People.... they said:
Fed up with their current job
Can't stand the people they work with
Don't want to keep being stuck in traffic traveling long distances
Long days away from family and friends
No real career prospects
Felt they had more to give to others
Wanted to have an open-ended income structure
They wanted to have a six-figure income

When they became a Coach they left all of that behind them and their new life began.
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This Online Coaching Course Includes Personal Development Material And Leading Edge Therapy Techniques
Your Host
Patrick McNally Ph.D.

Behavioural Coach
Patrick holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a trained Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner and is one of the worlds leading Behavioural Clinicians. He creates a range of online Coaching Courses where people anywhere in the world can sign up to study and learn his skills.

As a Published Author Patrick's last book went to No.1 on the Amazon Best Seller list. In total he has written 6 books along with numerous papers. 

TV Host
Patrick appeared for more than four years as the Lifestyle Coach for “Morning’s with Kerrie Anne” on the Australian Nine Television Network. He has featured in TV Shows A Current Affair and Sunrise and as a regular Guest and Commentator on Talk Back Radio. He has also starred in his own TV Show and is Coach to some of the world's leading Celebrities, Movie Stars and World Class Athletes.

Patrick McNally Ph.D.
Business Strategist
Patrick works with a wide range of businesses worldwide. He will help you reignite your business or if you are thinking of starting your own business, then Patrick and his team can take the pain away and save you $$$$$.
No matter what size event Patrick will deliver a motivational talk that will be remembered by everyone. His wit and infectious story telling helps audiences understand complex topics easily and always with laughter.
Here's why people turn to Coaching:
For People Not Employed... they said:
They wanted to have the freedom to work when they wanted to.
They needed to be able to drop off and pick up children after school.
All of them wanted extra money
Felt like they wanted to make a contribution

Freedom gave them the opportunity to follow their dreams, earn extra money and work only when THEY wanted to work.
This course is for people who:
  • Want to find their passion
  • Want to help others
  • Want to heal themselves
  • Want to be better Parents
  • Feel as though they need to grow as a person
  • Want to earn money part time and leading to full time if they choose
  • Want to attract the perfect partner
  • Want to feel more motivated and confident
  • Want to build a rewarding and long lasting career
  • Want to share their own life experiences
  • Want to lose weight - yes people lose weight doing this course!
  • Want to write a book: My last book was an Amazon No.1 Best Seller
This Course includes flexible learning options. With Lifetime Access you can complete this Course as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can also do each Lesson as many times as you like. As a Bonus this Course has FREE Regular Updates so you can keep up with the most Advanced Proven Techniques and Skills.
Coaching Is Now THE Fastest Growing Industry and it's turning everyday people like you into $250k A Year + Powerhouse Almost Overnight...
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Register Now For This FREE Webinar Where You Will
Discover Everything You Need To Know To
Earn Extra Income From Coaching......and receive some
Amazing Bonuses
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"How To Live An Amazing Life"
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