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Here's How To Become A 6 Figure A Year Coach.... without risking anything
Hello, my name is Patrick McNally Ph.D. and I have spent the past three decades operating my own Coaching & Consulting Practice and Teaching people from all walks of life how to build their own 6 figure a year Coaching Business just like mine.
If you are looking to start a career in Coaching or you are Coaching already but not earning enough, then let's talk!
No matter where you live or where you are in your life right now, you can become a Coach, help others and earn a good living.

Here's why some people turn to Coaching:
For Employed People.... they said:
Fed up with their current job
Can't stand the people they work with
Don't want to keep being stuck in traffic traveling long distances
Long days away from family and friends
No real career prospects
Felt they had more to give to others
Wanted to have an open-ended income structure
They wanted to have a six-figure income

When they became a Coach they left all of that behind them and their new life began.
ONLINE COURSE SECRET 1: How to overcome your own Self Doubt and start Coaching Part Time...
For People Not Employed... they said:
They wanted to have the freedom to work when they wanted to.
They needed to be able to drop off and pick up children after school.
All of them wanted extra money
Felt like they wanted to make a contribution

Freedom gave them the opportunity to follow their dreams, earn extra money and work only when THEY wanted to work.
"Depending on the hours you choose to work, you can average 3 clients per day @ $100 an hour or more."
Boom - There is your extra income... $300 per day x 5 days $1500.00 but you can charge any fee and even see one client a day.

In my own business my fees vary depending on the topic and the client. My fees are high compared to others and that helps me offset the range of free sessions I continue to provide to clients who are underprivileged, unemployed and pensioners.

You can even choose the type of coaching you like most (we show you how to do this in the course).

Did you know there is a shortage of Coaches? 

We just don't have enough Coaches to fill the need. I'm sure right now you know someone who needs help but doesn't know where to go or who to turn to.

That's because in most instances people who begin to need help go to the wrong person first!

Sadly many people take themselves off to their family doctor who has no training other than in their physical health. The patient says they feel off.... or depressed and BOOM... out comes the antidepressant prescription and now the unwitting patient has been directed to a life of chaos and numbness by a Doctor.

What should happen is that person should have contacted a Coach. 

Because of the Internet you can now Coach people outside your local area.
You can earn that $100.00 an hour or more sitting in your lounge room chatting to a client anywhere in the world.

But think about this a second...

The weird thing is you are already Coaching.

You have friends and family and you already help them... that's what Coaches do and they get paid for it.

If you have had children then you certainly would have Coached them.

Your own Parents Coached you, so that's why so many people are now looking to become a Coach and help others... it's natural to do.
"Coaching people is THE MOST rewarding career you could ever have... and there is a never-ending stream of clients needing your help".
This online course teaches you everything you'll need to go out and Coach people. The course runs for 14 weeks... but you have a lifetime to do it.

You learn at your own pace. There is no need to "keep up" because I know after teaching and training people for three decades that we all learn in a different way and at a different pace.

Here's what's inside the course and... we have lots of surprise bonuses throughout the course for you to enjoy!

  • Over 43 lessons opened for you fortnightly, so no overwhelm for you :-)
  • Live Class Sessions so you can watch students practice what you are learning
  • 24/7 Support in case you get "stuck on anything"
  • Therapy Techniques not available in any other course anywhere in the world
  • The course also gives YOU a set of Life Skills that improve YOUR life
  • We teach you Marketing Strategies that kick start your income
  • BONUS: How to get your Coaching Business Started with no money!
This course is very different from any other online coaching course you will ever see.

Most Coaching courses teach Strategies and Conscious Tactics and Skills. They work from a set manual and give you assignments created from outdated formats.

This course teaches you State Of The Art and Up To Date Therapy Techniques.  I will take you behind the scene of my own Coaching Practice and you can "look in" as my Students practice what you are learning from the comfort of your home or office.

To learn these types of skills you would normally have to sign up for a 4-year Uni course and spend thousands of dollars.

I include all these Techniques in this course.
ONLINE COURSE SECRET 2: Everyone Can Afford To Enroll In This Certified Course.
"Some people never spend money on themselves, they put others first all
the time". Is this YOU ?".

The Course is very affordable at only $770.00
We have also arranged a 14 week payment plan so you can pay as you learn.
Fortnightly payments begin after your 14 day trial, so it's very affordable.

It's very common for people not to spend money on their own adult education!

There always seems to be something more important to spend the money on other than yourself. Children, Mortgage, Rent, Food, the list is endless.

As adults we have to spend money on education and that is often the stumbling block many people use to stop their own growth.

I understand that money is important and often it can become scarce and that's why I want to show you.

By increasing your skills, you propel yourself into a position where money comes to you in abundance.... because of your NEW SKILLS.

Perhaps you haven't realised yet...

You are already a Coach... you just don't get paid for it .... yet:-)... so I hope you can work out that spending money on your own education pays off big time.

I couldn't tell you how much I have spent in my lifetime on education, but it's in the thousands and thousand that's for sure. And it's the best money I ever spent.

So imagine what it would be like if you had these new skills and in only 14 weeks time you could begin to receive income from Coaching!

Millions and millions of people all over the world are in need of a Coach and thanks to the Internet you can now have clients all over the world.

It really is time for you to turn your own unique life experiences into money.
$$$$$$$$$$ - DO THE NUMBERS - $$$$$$$$$$
You finish the course and begin Coaching.
You decide to start part time and only want to see 4 clients a week.
That means you work less than 4 hours extra!!!!

You only charge them $75.00 because you are new (and you think that's the right thing to do)
4 clients a week @ only $75.00 per person = $300 EXTRA INCOME A WEEK

Within the first month of working as a part time Coach you have earned $1290.00 and already recouped your training course fees.... and you are in profit $520.00 !!!

And this of course is on the low end of the income scale. Once you build your client base you can decide to go full time only and if you want to .
This course is for people who:
  • Want to find their passion
  • Want to help others
  • Want to heal themselves
  • Want to be better Parents
  • Feel as though they need to grow as a person
  • Want to earn money part time and leading to full time if they choose
  • Want to attract the perfect partner
  • Want to feel more motivated and confident
  • Want to build a rewarding and long lasting career
  • Want to share their own life experiences
  • Want to lose weight - yes people lose weight doing this course!
  • Want to write a book: My last book was an Amazon No.1 Best Seller
Enroll Now!
"No other course gives you Personal Development & Coaching at
the same time".

Here's why this course will transform your life:

I developed this course from my day to day work with clients from all walks of life. Over the years I noticed that students can learn from a textbook...but that doesn't teach them how my unique Techniques and Skills feel when they use them.

I wanted my course to: 

1) Teach you how to fix your own issues ... and who hasn't got issues?

2) Teach you how these Techniques help while you are Coaching others.

By doing this course your life changes throughout the 14 weeks. You'll feel more confident, you'll feel less anxious, you'll lose weight, everyone does:-) and much more.

You'll have a new sense of direction, motivation and you'll feel as though nothing can stop you and your personal relationships will dramatically skyrocket!

And that's only a few of the changes that will happen.....

"I Have Personally Used This Method For Decades And It Continues To Bring Me Wealth & Freedom"

Is it worth learning these amazing new skills?  

Well, consider this.... there are Coaches all over the country and around the world earning an income working a few days a week part-time. If this is your goal then get on board now and let's help you get there faster.

If you want full-time Coaching and a six-figure income then this course is made for you because we build on from this course.

Once you finish the course we then help you set up your Coaching Practice, we are there every step of the way.

We help you with your Sales and Marketing, we can even build you a website and lots more... so if full-time Coaching is your goal...enroll now and let's get you up and running.

There are Coaches charging anything from $50.00 an hour to $5000.00 an hour and some even more like I do. You set your own fee, isn't that awesome?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.. and you choose if and when you work.... and who you work with.
Life Coaching - Neuro Linguistic Programming
Communication - Rapport Building
Emotional Freedom Technique
Leadership Skills - The Spin Technique
Suggestibility States - TimeLine Therapy
Personal Development - Energy
Human Behaviour - Hypnosis
Intuition & Influence - Healing
Business Start-Up - Mind Power
Body Language - Overcoming Your Self Doubt
This Course includes flexible learning options. With Lifetime Access you can complete this Course as quickly or as slowly as you like. You can also do each Lesson as many times as you like.

As a Bonus this Course will have Regular Updates so you can keep up with the most Advanced Proven Techniques and Skills.

Here is why I can give you this free 14 Day Trial
I also know that over the years my reputation is of value as your Guarantee.

No one stays in business three decades unless they produce results.
Celebrity Clients don't fly me around the world unless I produce results. 
The Skills contained in this course will change your life and the lives of your clients.

So I want you to have no risk at all, therefore I am offering you a Free 14-Day Trial.
This way you can take the first lessons and decide if this course will give you what you need.

You'll be able to discover how good this course is and how it can help you get over your own issues while learning new skills.
All you need to do is enter your details below and click the button and you can start
your Free Trial immediately.

If you still have questions hit the BLUE button and let's chat. I am constantly doing these FREE calls, so set up a day and time and let me answer any questions you still have.
14 Day FREE Trial
Nothing To Pay Now
We will only start to bill your Credit Card after your 14 day trial.
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was..., you're getting the chance to enroll in a Coaching Program that will change your life, fix your issues and help you earn as much money as you want when you want. even get to try it free for 14 days.
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